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CX Strategy meets Zendesk Optimization

Perception is your reality

You cannot succeed if you're leaving confused customers alone with your product. Our team of certified Zendesk Administrators and CX Strategists specialize in helping organizations transition from a reactive to a proactive support approach.


We believe in the power of a seamless user experience, which is achieved by laying a strong foundation of support tools and making strategic data-driven product pivots.

Exceed their expectations

To deliver memorable experiences, it's important to map all customer touch points within your Zendesk account, integrate external systems to centralize data and develop effective operating procedures to ensure the smooth resolution of every support ticket.


It's time to get your full return out of Zendesk.

In order to ensure the smooth movement of every support interaction within your Zendesk account, it is crucial to architect your workflows effectively, enabling your agents to focus on judgment-based tasks while fostering an agile workforce.

We help internalize all the necessary tools and functionalities your support agents require directly within Zendesk, minimizing the need for tab switching and centralizing your data.


We recognize the significance of establishing credibility by delivering a support experience that aligns with your brand's voice to ensure that your support interactions reflect your identity and maintain a cohesive customer experience.


Many organizations struggle with effectively tracking agent contributions and customer sentiment beyond traditional metrics like CSAT and NPS. We go beyond these metrics and compile comprehensive data to facilitate informed business decisions or product pivots.

Embedded into your Team

In our client engagements, we actively collaborate with multiple teams, including compliance, marketing, developers, and product teams. We enhance not only your support operations but also all other aspects of your business that are influenced by them.


In addition to our proprietary tools, methodologies, and approaches, what sets us apart is our sincere dedication to improving the customer experience.

We handle your customer support, gather necessary data, gain buy-in from internal teams, and assist in determining the right pivots in your customer journey to develop a product people love you for. We are motivated by impact.

Training & Development

Our team architects strategic learning solutions that drive behavior change. We accomplish this by identifying and analyzing learner and business needs, designing results-driven learning experiences, facilitating engaging design workshops, and training consulting on innovative solutions. 



We analyze your current customer support processes, identify areas for improvement, and create a roadmap that leverages Zendesk's powerful tools and features to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.


Our hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of your support operations is executed flawlessly. You can be confident that your CX strategy will not only stay on track but also deliver tangible results that enhance customer satisfaction.

Measure what actually matters

Your business strategy should serve as the guiding beacon for your KPIs, ensuring they are in perfect synergy.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. 

"Helped change the course of our business and take full advantage of Zendesk in ways that 10x our efficiency. Amazing to work with and will care about your customers. They go the extra mile to help set you up for success."

Will G.
Bays Online

"There is a difference between people who are good at what they do and people who genuinely care about the impact of what they do, and Smoothen was the embodiment of the latter. Highly recommend."

Alissa V.
VP of Customer Operations

"They continued to go out of their way to make sure our team and business were thriving. Each agent is now better equipped, more knowledgeable, and an expert in communication on the Zendesk platform."

Seth N.

Head of Operations
Sporting Smiles

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