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efficient support operations.

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We believe in the power of a seamless user experience, which is achieved by laying a strong foundation of support tools and making data-driven decisions. To deliver memorable proactive experiences, it is of the utmost importance to map all customer touch points within your Zendesk account, seamlessly integrating external systems to centralize data and develop effective operating procedures to ensure the smooth resolution of every support ticket.

We go beyond simply optimizing your Zendesk account; we are dedicated to mapping your entire customer journey. 

What we do

Start to Finish
Streamlined Processes

In order to ensure the smooth movement of every support interaction within your Zendesk account, it is crucial to architect your workflows effectively, enabling your agents to focus on judgment-based tasks while fostering an agile workforce.

Our primary goal is to internalize all the necessary tools and functionalities your support agents require within Zendesk, minimizing the need for tab switching and centralizing your data.

Embedded Into Your Organization 

In our client engagements, we actively collaborate with multiple teams, including compliance, marketing, developers, and product teams. This collaborative approach enables us to develop a deep understanding of how the support department interacts and intersects with their respective work.


We enhance not only your support operations but also all other aspects of your business that are influenced by them.

Insights & Analytics

Many organizations struggle with effectively tracking agent contributions and customer sentiment beyond traditional metrics like CSAT and NPS. We go beyond these metrics and compile comprehensive data to facilitate informed business decisions or product pivots. By analyzing a wide range of relevant metrics, we provide valuable insights that enable you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your support operations for success.


We offer customized solutions for email, chatbots, and help centers tailored to your brand and tone. We recognize the significance of establishing credibility by delivering a support experience that aligns with your brand's voice to ensure that your support interactions reflect your identity and maintain a cohesive customer experience.

"We are a B2C company transitioning to Zendesk for customer support. Smoothen was able to quickly meet with us, scope the project and have our instance of Zendesk up and running within the promised timeline. They also allowed time to make tweaks to our setup, did live training with our admins and agents and created a few brief videos to help explain routine tasks. I highly recommend Smoothen. Selecting them to implement our Zendesk instance was money well spent."

Mariama T.

COO, Raw Story

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Schedule your complimentary Zendesk consultation today for a comprehensive health assessment. Our team of certified Zendesk Administrators will evaluate your current setup and objectives, providing insights and guidance. This consultation serves as an opportunity to discuss your goals in-depth and explore how Zendesk can best support your business.

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