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Avoid These Red Flags When Outsourcing CX Support

Selecting the right customer experience (CX) support agency is crucial for your business. With so many options available, it can be challenging to find an agency that is qualified to meet your needs and handle the primary aspect of your business - customer relations. To help you choose an outsourcing partner, here are the top 5 questions to ask when hiring an agency:

  • What is the agency's track record and experience in CX?

  • How does the agency handle customer complaints and feedback?

  • How does the agency train its employees or contractors?

  • How does the agency measure the success of its CX efforts?

  • What kind of technology and tools does the agency use to support CX?

It's important to keep in mind that every agency wants to present its best side, but there may be warning signs hidden in their sales pitch.

  • Lack of transparency about their process or approach to CX

  • Vague or unrealistic promises about results

  • Lack of industry-specific knowledge or experience

  • Inability to provide references or case studies

  • High employee turnover rate

  • Unclear or overly complex pricing structure

  • Poor communication or unresponsiveness

If you notice any of these warning signs, it may be time to consider switching to a different CX partner. It's essential to choose an agency that is reliable, knowledgeable, and committed to delivering excellent customer experiences for your business.

7 warning signs of a bad CX agency

It's common knowledge that mistakes can occur in any business, but a strong customer support team can handle these situations with empathy and understanding, ultimately retaining and satisfying customers. However, a top-notch customer experience (CX) agency can do more than just resolve mistakes - it can help scale your business and drive sales. CX is a crucial factor in the success of any business, and investing in a reliable CX agency can pay off significantly. There are many reputable and hardworking customer experience (CX) agencies out there, but it's important to be aware of warning signs that might indicate an agency is not the right fit for your business. Here are seven things to watch out for:

  1. Lack of omnichannel communication strategy: Omnichannel communication allows customers to connect with a brand through their preferred channel and ensures a consistent and seamless experience. Without it, customer experience can be disjointed and frustrating.

  2. Lack of empathy: Empathy is a crucial customer service skill that helps agents understand and relate to a customer's emotions. Without empathy, customer interactions can feel robotic and unsympathetic.

  3. Insufficient training: Proper training is essential to ensure that agents can effectively represent your brand and provide high-quality customer support. Without it, support can vary greatly depending on the agent and may even harm your brand's reputation.

  4. Lack of transparency, communication, and recommendations: An effective CX agency should keep you informed about customer trends, performance data, and potential improvements to CX processes. If your agency is not proactively communicating with you, they may not be fully invested in optimizing CX.

  5. Reliance on scripted responses: While it's helpful for agents to have key phrases and common language to provide immediate solutions, customers can tell when an agent is simply reading from a script. Customized conversations are more impactful and genuine.

  6. One-size-fits-all approach: Every business is unique and requires a tailored CX strategy to meet the needs of its customers. An agency that takes a cookie-cutter approach may not be able to deliver the best results.

  7. Emphasis on turnaround times over quality of support: While it's important to resolve customer issues in a timely manner, the quality of the support is just as important. An agency that prioritizes speed over thorough problem-solving may not provide the best customer experience.

How Smoothen Can Help

If you're experiencing challenges with your customer experience (CX), Smoothen can help. Our skilled agents are trained to adopt your brand voice quickly and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow and team. Our execution partners are talented in designing CRM workflows that will provide exceptional support experience for your customers. With Smoothen, you get the ability to scale up and support across any channel, 24/7.

To build a flexible, long-term CX solution for your business, contact our support team to learn more about our process. We'll be happy to walk you through it.


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