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EP20: Elevating Customer Journeys from Inside the Zendesk Consulting Trenches with Dominic Brasoveanu

Have you ever wondered what fuels the engine of customer experience innovation? Dominic Brasovano, also known as Dominic the CX Guy on YouTube, and Founder of ROCA.WORK, joins us on The Startup Smoothie to distill his expertise with 10 years of Zendesk consulting and content creation under his belt. As someone who navigates the evolving tech landscape with finesse, Dominic breaks down the significance of ethical business practices and the transformative role of technology in shaping customer interactions. He also peels back the curtain on his disciplined approach to churning out valuable content, revealing a recipe that mixes personal dedication with a dash of smart delegation.

The art of imparting knowledge isn't lost on our seasoned guest, and he shares the satisfaction gleaned from shepherding clients toward those pivotal lightbulb moments. In an industry where the ground shifts almost daily, Dominic underscores the vitality of continuous education and collaborative knowledge sharing. He also brings to light his affinity for subscription-based consulting models, explaining how such arrangements can sculpt deeper, mutually beneficial client relationships while maintaining necessary professional boundaries.

Our conversation doesn't shy away from the thorny topic of data management, either. We weigh in on the ethical quandaries that surface when employee performance is tethered to metrics. Whether you're entrenched in the customer experience domain or simply curious about the inner workings of Zendesk mastery, Dominic's insights are bound to stir your intellect and perhaps even spark your next big idea.


(0:10:17) - Helping People, Learning as Consultant

Personal fulfillment in helping others, setting boundaries, preferences for consulting arrangements, and continuous learning in tech and consulting.

(0:14:20) - Data Cleaning and Reporting Challenges

Understanding business operations is crucial for effective data management and reporting, including ethical considerations for employee performance evaluation.

(0:19:10) - Ticket Metrics and Customer Experience Discussion

Performance metrics, content creation, freelancing, and using platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are discussed.

This episode is also live on Dominic's YouTube channel! Check out the video version here: 


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