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EP12: Zendesk, Work Satisfaction & Acquisitions with Lance Conzett

In this episode of The Startup Smoothie podcast, we have Lance Conzett, the CX Lead at Found, joining us for a kaleidoscope of conversations. We cover a wide range of topics including Zendesk best practices, phone support, the satisfaction of working on a product that genuinely interests you, acquisitions, and the impact of the pandemic on work dynamics.

One of the main highlights is the newly rolled out Zendesk AI, which introduces exciting features such as AI-powered summarizing and tone-sentiment analysis. We're eager to see how effective the triaging feature will be and the potential it holds for a tiered support system, making ticket triaging easier.

We touch upon various subjects throughout the episode:

00:03:00 Tech Conferences

00:04:00 Exploring Zendesk's AI

00:06:00 Intelligent Triaging and Sentiment Analysis for Tiered Support

00:12:00 The Reluctance of Startups to Implement Phone Support

00:18:00 Found, the Banking Solution for the Self-Employed

00:19:00 Working during in the Pandemic & Burnout

00:24:00 Finding Meaning in Your Work

00:27:00 Conversation on Professional Development and Acquisitions

00:38:00 Discussion on Ticket Movement and Metrics in Zendesk

00:42:00 The “Cringe Rate” Metric

00:45:00 Zendesk Triggers, SLAs, and CX Trends

00:49:00 Exploring the Potential of AI in Customer Support

With such a diverse range of topics covered, we found it challenging to give this episode a single title. Hence, we've introduced a new episode format called "Kaleidoscope Conversations" for those episodes where we explore a multitude of wide-ranging topics.


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