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EP15: Decoding the Future of AI in Customer Support with Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov

Decoding the Future of AI in Customer Support with Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov CEO at Kodif Smoothen CX Zendesk

Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in various industries, and customer support is no exception. The potential of AI in disrupting and transforming the customer support landscape has been a hot topic of discussion. And who better to delve into this than AI expert and CEO of Kodif, Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov who joined us in our latest podcast episode of The Startup Smoothie podcast to discuss the future of AI in customer support.

Chyngyz, an expert in AI and product innovation, discussed the implications of halting AI development. He argued that instead of stalling progress, the focus should be on developing policies and regulations to ensure the safe use of AI. Chyngyz shared several success stories of large language models that have significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support.

One of the key issues discussed in the episode was the data security implications of using open AI APIs. We explored the 'prisoners dilemma' between major players in the LLM development space, stressing the need for government intervention to set rules and guardrails. We also touched upon the rapid growth of OpenAI and speculated on the future landscape where bots may become more prevalent.

As we delved into the future trends in customer support, we discussed how AI can personalize customer experiences, boost agent productivity and expedite agent training and onboarding. We agreed that AI has the potential to bridge the skill gaps in customer support and make the onboarding process quicker and more efficient.

The episode left us with much to think about - the transformative power of AI, the challenges it brings, and its potential in shaping the future of customer support. This episode serves as a thought-provoking exploration into this exciting realm of possibilities.

Kodif: Empowering Non-Technical Teams with CX Automation and Support AI Tools

Kodif is a revolutionary low-code platform that empowers non-technical teams to create robust self-serve CX flows. Chyngyz, the founder of Kodif, firmly believes in enabling CX teams to obsess over their customers without the need for a dedicated team of engineers. With this vision in mind, Kodif is making great strides towards achieving their objective.

Test-driving and implementing a GPT-bot for your Zendesk instance is a breeze with Kodif. In just a matter of minutes, you can experience the power of a conversational GPT bot by visiting the Kodif playground. By simply entering the URL of your help center, you'll be able to unleash the potential of this remarkable tool. We highly recommend trying it out - it's truly impressive.

But that's not all! Kodif goes above and beyond by offering an extensive range of AI support tools that require no engineering expertise. These tools enable agents to provide a consistent customer experience through guided automated workflows, leaving no room for errors and reducing the need for extensive quality assurance. It's a game-changer in the world of support-related AI tooling.


(0:01:12) - AI in Customer Support Development and Use

I spoke to Chyngyz about the calls for a halt of AI development from tech leaders. We discussed that AI has made a lot of progress and that halting it would not help, but instead, we should be thinking about what policies and regulations can be put in place today to ensure its safe use. I then asked Chyngyz to share some success stories of how large language models have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support. He mentioned that the speed of implementation and accuracy has improved and that the skill gap between new and experienced agents has decreased significantly. We also discussed that chat GPT-4 is 80% more accurate than GPT-3 and the inaccuracies that might still be present, such as hallucination.

(0:11:59) - Data Security, AI Regulation, Future of Bots

We discuss the data security implications of using open AI APIs and explore the need for regulatory agencies to step in. We look at the 'prisoners dilemma' between big players in the LLM development space, and the importance of government setting rules and guardrails for everyone to follow. We also touch on the rapid growth of Open AI and the potential for bots to become more prevalent in the future.

(0:19:28) - AI's Impact on Internet Content

We explore how the innovator's dilemma applies to companies like Netflix, Blockbuster, and Kodak. We also consider how AI might impact the current business model of a company like Zendesk, and how to prevent redundancy if AI is responsible for a majority of online content. Finally, we discuss how AI could change the way we interact with the internet, and how the quality of content will become increasingly important.

(0:30:25) - Future Trends in Customer Support

We examine the potential applications of ChatGPT in customer support, from personalizing the customer experience to increasing agent productivity. We also consider how AI could lead to greater self-service options for customers, as well as open opportunities for gig work. Finally, we discuss the importance of training and onboarding for agents and the potential of AI to help reduce onboarding times.


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