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EP17: The Leadership Playbook: Lessons on Resilience, Growth, and Communication with Benjamin Friedman

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In the dynamic landscape of business, the journey toward effective leadership is filled with opportunities for growth, resilience, and strategic communication. As an entrepreneur, it is vital to understand and navigate these aspects for the overall success of your venture.

In our most recent episode of The Startup Smoothie Podcast, our guest, Benjamin Friedman, Founder of Build Scale Grow delved into the pivotal roles of vision and mission statements in shaping business growth. With rich experience and insightful perspectives, he shed light on how different leadership styles are required for various stages of business growth.

"Founders should be thinking about resiliency from the outset. Everything is going to be uncertain in your customer and business journey, except for one thing, and that's you."

Aligning Actions with Words

Benjamin emphasized the importance of aligning your actions with your words, encouraging entrepreneurs to embrace the wisdom in their mistakes. This approach promotes a culture of openness and learning, fostering resilience and a growth mindset.

The discussion ventured into the world of CEO approval ratings, exploring how assertiveness and curiosity play crucial roles in shaping your communication strategy. Perception is not the only reality; being curious during market shifts and assertive when talking about success can significantly impact how others perceive you and your business.

The Art of Managing Customer Success

A significant portion of the conversation was dedicated to managing customer success and orchestrating process changes. Clear expectations and effective communication with customers are critical in preventing future issues. Benjamin shared examples of setting expectations and discussing the capabilities and limitations of a product or service.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of understanding your customers' future business plans to better meet their needs. The more insight you have into your customers' vision, the more effectively you can serve them.

Building a Well-Rounded and Creative Mindset

As the discussion concluded, Benjamin emphasized the importance of a well-rounded and creative mindset. He shared insights on the value of saying 'no' and pushing yourself to learn continually. This approach maintains focus and fuels creativity.

Reflecting on the takeaways, the conversation affirmed the importance of having a vision and mission statement, welcoming feedback, setting clear expectations and communication with customers, and balancing confidence and humility.

Whether you're at the helm of a start-up or leading a well-established business, this episode offers invaluable insights into mastering leadership through resilience, growth mindset, and strategic communication. Be sure to stay tuned for more enlightening episodes on The Startup Smoothie Podcast.


(0:01:28) - Resilience and Growth Mindset in Leadership

Discussions on vision, mission, resiliency, self-awareness, growth mindset, leadership, and delegation.

(0:11:20) - Effective Feedback and Communication in Startups

Ask open-ended questions, humbly discuss mistakes, align words and behaviors, and be assertive and curious.

(0:22:38) - Managing Customer Success and Process Changes

Set expectations and communicate with customers to prevent future issues.

(0:31:52) - Labor of Love

Confidence and humility in conversations, assertiveness, listening, and productivity hacks are key.

(0:37:41) - Building a Well-Rounded and Creative Mindset

Saying 'no', feedback, expectations, communication, confidence/humility, and takeaways.


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