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EP18: Behind the Scenes of Support Driven, Creating Connections & Cultivating Inclusion with Lizzie Keiper

The realm of customer support is undergoing a profound transformation. At the heart of this evolution lies Support Driven, a vibrant community dedicated to empowering customer support and success professionals. This community thrives on the principles of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and shared learning.

In our most recent podcast episode of The Startup Smoothie, we had the pleasure of sitting down with none other than Lizzie Keiper, the Director of Events at Support Driven. Our conversation unveiled the essence of these communities and shed light on the unique culture and impact of Support Driven. Here's a glimpse into the enriching discussion that unfolded.

From Member to Employee: Navigating Support Driven's Distinctive Culture

Lizzie Keiper's journey is a testament to the vibrant culture of Support Driven. What began as a participation in a community soon transformed into an integral role within the organization. This journey emphasized the essence of Support Driven - a community that thrives on the principle of 'helpers helping helpers.' Customer service professionals, often the unsung heroes of any business, often find a sanctuary in this community. Through shared experiences, learning, and support, they foster connections that drive their personal and professional growth.

Striking the Balance: Work, Life, and Community Engagement

Managing a customer service community is not just a job; it requires dedication. However, balancing work and personal life can be a constant struggle. Lizzie admits to being no stranger to professional burnout, but she also reveals how Support Driven tackles this challenge head-on.

Lizzie discusses the adjustment period that comes with stepping into a new role where one is fully trusted to fulfill their responsibilities. She also shares the moment she realized she was tying her self-worth to her job and the lessons she learned to reach that realization.

Empathy, Diversity, and Amplifying Voices: The Heart of Support Driven

As we ventured deeper into the discussion, the psychological nuances of customer service emerged. Job descriptions, often overlooked, have a profound impact on self-perception and confidence levels. Lizzie illuminated how the industry provides a unique avenue for those with empathy and discernment to make transformative differences. Diversity and inclusion emerged as pivotal themes, with Support Driven championing the idea that diverse voices enrich the discourse and amplify impact.

Maximizing Diversity in Engagement: Community Growth and Allyship

The growth of any community relies on nurturing diverse perspectives and voices. Lizzie shared insightful strategies to maximize diversity in customer service communities. Allyship emerged as a powerful tool to uplift and amplify voices that might otherwise go unheard. The choice of event locations also plays a role in fostering inclusivity, as different cities offer varying levels of accessibility and engagement. Word-of-mouth, a grassroots approach, emerged as a powerful catalyst for community expansion.

A Glimpse into the Future: Support Driven's Leadership Summit

Our conversation culminated with a sneak peek into Support Driven's future endeavors. The upcoming Support Driven Expo in Las Vegas Oct 9-10th, promises to be a convergence of collaboration, engagement, and career development. Lizzie highlighted the community's commitment to creating rewarding experiences for members and nurturing a culture of meaningful engagement. The journey ahead envisions a thriving community that continues to enrich the customer service landscape.

The Takeaway

Our conversation with Lizzie Keiper illuminated the intricate tapestry of the Support Driven community and the invaluable role they play for many working professionals. The power of communities like Support Driven lies in their ability to connect people, foster mutual support, and facilitate learning. It is indeed a sanctuary for, as Lizzie put it, “helpers helping helpers” in the world of customer service.

Time Stamps

(0:11:10) - Community Engagement Strategies and Work-Life Balance

(0:22:20) - Valuing Diversity and Encouraging First-Time Speakers

(0:23:07) - Recognizing and Valuing Support Industry Skills

(0:29:52) - Fostering Communication and Diverse Voices

(0:36:13) - Choosing Cities for Support Driven Events

(0:43:03) - Support Driven Expo, Leadership Summit and Future Developments

✋🏼 Support Driven Slack Community

If you haven't become part of the Support Driven Slack community, which includes more than 13,500 existing professionals in Customer Success and Support, you can register here to receive an invitation.

⭐ Upcoming Support Driven Events

Support Driven Expo: Las Vegas, NV - October 9-10, 2023:

  • 8 tracks full of focused sessions that you and your team can mix and match to customize a program that best suits your needs

    • AI

    • Career Development

    • Customer Experience

    • Knowledge Management

    • Management

    • Self Service

    • Support Engineering

    • Support Operations

  • Talk and Workshop sessions presented by practitioners with hands-on experience from the Support Driven community

  • Every session is screened to help you learn - no sales demos and no product pitches

  • Designed to help you learn from presenters and attendees in a safe environment that facilitates deeper conversations about your challenges and ideas

Support Driven Leadership Summit, Oakland, CA - November 14-15, 2023

A dedicated in-person event for Heads of Support and Senior Leaders in Customer Support/Customer Experience.

This event is for people with responsibilities like these in their roles:

  • Strategy and Direction

  • Budgeting

  • Working with Executives

  • Operational Tooling Decisions

  • Head of Support


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