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EP3: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace with Mel Dalton

Emotional intelligence and self-awareness are essential skills that can have a significant impact on workplace productivity and customer experience. These skills are particularly critical in today's fast-changing economy, where the ability to adapt and thrive in different work environments is essential.

Guest Melissa Joy Dalton, MBA of Melissa Joy LLC spent her birthday with us on The Startup Smoothie Podcast to discuss emotional intelligence and self-awareness in the workplace and how it relates to customer experience. Mel talked about the importance of understanding our brain's filtering mechanisms and how they can affect our emotional intelligence. She explained that our brains are wired to filter out information that does not align with our beliefs and values, which can lead to biases and limited perspectives. Mel stressed the importance of recognizing our biases and actively working to overcome them to improve our emotional intelligence and enhance our interactions with others.

Mel also discussed the importance of helping leaders adjust, grow, and develop in today's fast-changing economy and highlighted the critical role emotional intelligence and self-awareness play in customer experience. She emphasized that employees who are self-aware and emotionally intelligent are better equipped to understand and address customer needs, leading to more positive customer interactions and improved customer loyalty.

We thank Mel Dalton for sharing her insights and wish her a happy birthday. 🎂


0:02:33 Exploring the Boomer Generation and the Challenges of Intergenerational Communication

0:04:27 Exploring the Link Between Emotional Intelligence and the Brain's Capacity to Process Information

0:08:31 Discussion on Authenticity in the Workplace

0:10:35 Dealing with Negative Coworkers: Strategies for Maintaining a Positive Mindset in the Workplace

0:12:29 Resolving Conflict Through Empathy and Positive Mindset

0:14:12 Using Emotional Intelligence to Receive Negative Feedback and Build Rapport with Employees

0:19:02 Integrating Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness into Customer Support Teams

0:21:56 The Benefits of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence in Customer Support

Quote Highlights

  • "You have to have the emotional intelligence, the social ability and agility to be able to navigate through that. So the self awareness, you have to have it. That is the car that's driving. But you can't drive that car without the emotional intelligence, without that engine in that front of that car, it's just not going to work. So the two really go hand in hand because you need them to be able to turn this into an experience, connect with them and hear them, to understand them. Not just to make money off of them, not just to be able to say, you service the largest client in this industry, but to really be integrated as part of their external family team."

  • "When we're talking about customer experience and self awareness as well as emotional intelligence, when you're looking at the self awareness, you need to understand the skills and ability to be able to connect and be able to react to your commerce. Right. You want to be able to make sure that it's an experience that they're going to remember. If you're not self aware about how you are wired to respond and react, how the client isn't going to respond or react, you're going to miss delivering on the needs."

  • "So they're holding on to things themselves, and they have all these generations of leaders that are waiting to butt up underneath them. And to me, it takes a special type of person to be able to work with the older generation. Because I was raised by the silent and the boomer generation. I can partner with them and help them to just flex inside of the way that they already are, but just help them update their belief systems so that they can pass that wealth of knowledge to the next generation so that we can get them set up for success."


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