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EP8: Mindful & Authentic Marketing Strategies with Sarah DeGeorge

On the latest installment of The Startup Smoothie podcast, we had the honor of chatting with Sarah DeGeorge, a highly skilled digital marketing strategist and marketing mentor who has dedicated her career to assisting business owners in reducing their marketing-related stress. During our discussion, Sarah emphasized the importance of crafting marketing materials that accurately reflect a company while remaining true to its objectives, products, and services.

Furthermore, we delved into the significance of comprehending a client's voice, mission, and target audience as the first step in the marketing process, and the importance of tailoring the marketing approach to meet the client's specific needs. The subject of social proof was brought up, and we agreed that it needs to be revamped in order to be more effective. Rather than focusing on awards or accolades, Sarah suggested that companies should focus on results and actionable things that they have helped with.

Our conversation also touched upon the significance of humanizing and authenticating marketing efforts to make them more effective, PR as a marketing strategy, and the ever-evolving impact of AI on marketing. We explored how AI is transforming the industry and how marketing specialists can take advantage of it to stay ahead of the curve and eliminate mundane tasks.

To learn more about all of Sarah's services, please visit her personal service here.

Timestamps ⏱️

0:02:58 Discussion on Authentic and Unnerving Marketing Strategies

0:04:41 Discussion on the Benefits of Bold Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

0:06:05 Conversation on the Psychology of Marketing and Social Proof

0:11:22 Setting Expectations for Companies

0:12:41 Understanding Client Goals to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

0:14:06 Setting Limits and Reevaluating Goals

0:16:09 How to Check In Regularly and Connect Internal Teams for Positive PR Outcomes

0:20:48 Conversation on the Importance of Effective Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace

0:22:54 Discussion on the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

0:24:16 Discussion on Landing Pages and AI Marketing Products

0:28:46 Exploring the Benefits of AI for Marketers


  • "The goal in mindful marketing is not to wait for those past or future tense marketing conversations, but make those micro adjustments as they come up. You'll find that you're more focused and in alignment but also spending less time on marketing efforts that are not paying off."

  • "I think there are a few ways in which marketing teams are perceived. I think sometimes the biggest problem is that people don't know what marketing is any more or what marketing isn't."

  • "When you have your teams working internally using the same framework, not to just think about the product or the operations, but how the tangible items can lead to positive outcomes, good reviews, return customers or good word of mouth, you create this pipeline that connects the internal communication lines. I think we've seen more than one time that when the internal is not communicating with each other, the external result is just like crash and burn."

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