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The Importance of Hiring a CX Consultant Before Your First In-House Support Hire

Despite its importance, many businesses still do not fully understand customer experience, and few have dedicated CX managers or teams. Some businesses may have CX responsibilities assigned to other departments, but it is often unclear how much should be invested in CX and how to effectively implement it. As a company leader, it's important to prioritize good customer experiences as they are the foundation of any business. Positive experiences can lead to customer loyalty, while negative ones can drive customers away and harm your reputation. When you reach the point where you can no longer handle support issues on your own and are considering hiring a CX team, consider hiring a CX consultant first.

Smart businesses turn to experts to improve their customer experience by gaining the necessary tools and skills. If you are considering hiring a CX professional to manage a growing workload, but they lack the experience and ability to automate tasks, you may continue to struggle with meeting support demand. Instead, consider hiring a CX consultant to handle support tickets and provide guidance on improving the customer experience. This will help you significantly reduce the need for additional hires in the future. By working with a CX consultant to develop standard operating procedures, knowledge bases and automations, later your consultant can help you hire and train an entry-level support person to maintain these processes, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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The Benefits of Engaging a CX Consultancy

By engaging a CX consultancy, businesses of all kinds can gain an advantage over their competitors. Effective CX strategies can lead to increased customer retention, higher revenue, average transaction value, and advocacy rates, as well as increased engagement and satisfaction scores. They can also improve efficiency, inform product buying and development, and enable more targeted, cost-effective marketing, ultimately driving down costs and increasing return on investment and profitability.

How to Engage with a CX Consultant

When working with a CX consultant, they will start by conducting a thorough audit of your current business, including your customers, goals, key performance indicators, business processes, capabilities, and platforms in use. This will help you and the consultant determine your desired future state and roadmap on how to get there, identifying any gaps that need to be addressed. Embracing CX is essential for businesses early on. Those that don't risk falling behind by wasting resources on ineffective products, processes, platforms, and advertising, and alienating customers with irrelevant promotions. On the other hand, by gathering valuable data about your customers through positive experiences you can foster long-term loyalty.

An independent consultant can bring valuable experience and expertise to the process, helping you determine the most valuable initiatives for your customers and business, assess the investment required, and execute and iterate on the strategy for maximum return on investment. This will help inform decision-making at the executive level and set KPIs for the business, teams, and individuals you later bring on in-house.

Allow our team at Smoothen to help you establish a top-notch support experience from the start. We understand the importance of customer data and the benefits of prioritizing customer satisfaction. With the right strategies, tactics, processes, and capabilities in place, your business can create exceptional customer experiences and outperform competitors in any industry. The potential for success is limitless. Let us help you achieve it.


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