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EP14: Enhancing Team Productivity, Job Application Insights and Work-Life Balance with Stacy Justino

The Startup Smoothie Podcast with Stacy Justino Smoothen CX Zendesk Consulting

In this episode of the Startup Smoothie podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Justino, the Customer Support Manager at Loom. She shared with us her invaluable insights on team management, professional development, and work-life balance.

Stacy's experience as a self-proclaimed "job jump genius" also provided us with a unique perspective on navigating career transitions. She discussed the benefits of taking calculated risks and exploring different job opportunities to find the right fit. Additionally, Stacy shared her strategies for managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Overall, Stacy's interview was a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to improve their career prospects and achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance. Her emphasis on personal and professional growth, risk-taking, and self-care is a valuable reminder of the importance of investing in oneself to achieve long-term success.

Revolutionizing Team Collaboration and Communication

Loom, a video messaging platform, is transforming team collaboration and communication. The tool is being used for documenting processes, outreach for hiring, and team building. Stacy discussed maximizing agent productivity and fostering a collaborative environment without resorting to surveillance. She emphasized setting baseline performance expectations and ensuring that the workload is evenly distributed across team members.

Parenting and Leadership Priorities

As a working mother, Stacy shares how her experiences have shaped her leadership style. She stresses the importance of being an intentional active listener, picking oneself up after failure, and not letting failure define oneself. Stacy discussed being mindful of the impact of words on a team, reassessing expectations as responsibilities change, and prioritizing self-care and balance when managing work and family.

Job Jumping Tips and Realistic Expectations

Stacy discussed the importance of recalibrating expectations, her tagline "job jump genius," and the concept of job hopping. She shared her experience in helping people transition to new roles and industries they had never worked in before. She provided insight into how cover letters can bridge the gap between experience and a role and the importance of connecting the dots between a problem and a solution.

Common Job Application Pitfalls

This episode discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on the job application process, the pros and cons of including headshots on resumes, the value of thank-you emails after interviews, and the usefulness of reference checks and skills rankings. Stacy and Devon explored strategies to humanize and personalize AI cover letters, how to make a resume stand out, and the value of sending personalized thank-you emails versus strategic ones. They also discussed the potential biases that headshots on resumes can create and the importance of providing more than just a list of job qualifications on a resume.

Building Authentic Connections and Effective Presentations

Stacy discussed the power of networking and authentic connection. She also talked about her role as a talk editor for support conferences and gave advice for developing effective presentations. She highlighted the importance of being aware of the audience and delivering a clear message. Stacy also shared tips for making the most of presentations, such as providing worksheets and anchoring back to the takeaways.


(0:04:50) - Team and Customer Support Strategies

Setting expectations, workload distribution, support tickets, communication, and keeping processes simple.

(0:09:55) - Parenting and Leadership Priorities

Stacy emphasizes active listening, reassessing expectations, and self-care for leadership.

(0:14:48) - Realistic Expectations and Job Jumping Tips

Job hopping, two-page resumes, cover letters, and bridging the gap between experience and a role.

(0:19:59) - Common Job Application Pitfalls Headshots on resumes, thank you emails, reference checks, and skills ranking to humanize and personalize resumes.

(0:32:36) - Job Hunting Tips and Internal Mobility Internal mobility, job application strategies, networking, AI, and headshots on resumes.

(0:36:07) - Building Authentic Connections and Effective Presentations Networking, presentations, and mentorship for effective communication.


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